Data Catalogue

Add Data

This page allows you to enter details about a dataset and submit them to our public index, or download your input as JSON, so that you can manually add it to your own index.

A chosen ID for this dataset which is unique within this index. Please use letters, numbers and hyphens only (don't use a URL)

Resource sharing:

Whether this datasets resources are be public, private to the contbutor, or to be shared with the alliance only.


Array of topics which this dataset is included in. Alliance to agree on set list of possible values for this field for consistency.

Challenge Statements:

Which challenge statements this dataset may help with (optional)

Array of keywords/tags associated with the dataset. Helps with searches and grouping.

SPDX Identifier for the licence the resources are released under.

When this dataset was added to the index. Time is optional, but if you do include it, include the time zone too. A valid date-time string in ISO8601 format

When this index entry was last edited (not when the resources themselves were updated). A valid date-time string in ISO8601 format.

How often the resources are updated. See examples for allowed values.

The title for the dataset.

URL for the source/homepage of the dataset.

Who created / published the data. This may be an organisation responsible for a dataset.

Contact email for author specified above if available / applicable

Maintainer / data steward - i.e. who is ensuring this index entry is up to date and checking the quality of the data?

Email for maintainer named above, if available.

Brief description of the dataset.


  • Type of resource.

    URL of the resource. Should be a direct link to the resource being described - e.g., not

    File type, or 'html' for a website etc.

    Size of resource in bytes

    When the data starts. A valid date string in ISO8601 format.

    When the data starts. A valid date string in ISO8601 format.

    A name for the resource.

    Brief description of the resource.

An array of resources within this dataset, i.e. data files, visualisations etc.


  • URL of the referenced dataset if it isn't contained in this index.

    Brief description of the reference - say why it is included.

Any other datasets/resources which you think are required to be able to fully make use of this dataset. Dependencies should be referred to by index ID or URL.

If you choose to submit to the public index, the meta data provided above will be stored in a public repository on Github. By submitting you agree that the meta data you provide (including any optional email addresses provided) can be published by ODI Leeds under an MIT licence.